Why A Merchant Cash Advance Is The Best Financing Option For Small Businesses

At some point your startup company will need an infusion of cash and in such cases, small business loans are going to come in handy. The question that you probably want to ask is – where can we get this loan?

Merchant Cash Advance

There are many lending institutions you can turn to, but a lot of small businesses now opt for a merchant cash advance as they have proven effective and more flexible compared to bank loans.

If you are used to getting loans from a bank, the idea of getting an MCA may seem complicated or even suspicious. But as the following will show it is actually the better option when it comes to helping your business.

Improve Your Cash Flow

An MCA can be an effective and quick way to boost your company’s cash flow and boost your finances. As you may know, businesses, especially the small ones, encounter a lot of difficulties at the onset, and this can lead to losses.

If not infused with cash the losses could extend for months and affect your company’s long term plans. With an MCA you have the opportunity to pay off those debts or complete that project right away. What’s more you can top an MCA so whenever you need additional funds they are easy to access.

Flexible Options

This has been said before but it bears repeating. An MCA is easier to deal with compared to a bank loan. The requirements for approving a loan are lighter, and you don’t have to worry about your credit rating, as that won’t be looked into. With banks and other financial institutions the first thing they look into is your credit report, and if it is not good you won’t be approved for the loan. This only goes to show how different an MCA is and why it makes a huge difference for small and upcoming businesses.

Easy Repayment Deals

An MCA lender provides the funds according to your company’s sales. Under this setup the amount you have to repay back every month depends on the preceding month’s transactions. What this means is if in the previous month sales were slower than usual, your payment will be lower. If sales are good, the amount you pay will be higher, allowing you to repay those loans more quickly.

Faster Processing

There are a lot of different MCAs today, but the one thing they all share is rapid services and approval. Once you apply and pass the requirements, it won’t take long before you are approved and you get the funds. In today’s business climate, you must have access to cash because you never know when there will be an emergency, so an MCA helps.


The past few years have seen the arrival of various financial solutions, and it has proven to be a boon for businesses looking for an alternative to a bank loan. Since the terms are more flexible and the requirements are more lenient, it comes as no surprise that these small business financing solutions, in particular merchant cash advances, have become the leading choice.  

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