Innovative Solutions for Financial Adversity

It is fair to say that times are pretty tough for many in the UK these days. Indeed, the fallout from the 2008 banking crisis and the various downturns that accompanied it has forced practically everyone to tighten their belts. Furthermore, debilitating austerity measures, limited economic growth, fewer employment opportunities and low consumer confidence is making it hard for the economy to stimulate any kind of recovery.

All of this means that people in the UK generally have less money to play with than they did five years ago. However, the British are a proud people who don’t like to complain whenever they are faced with a bit of adversity (really?).

No, even though times may be tough, you can rely on the Brits to do what they do best – drink tea and be innovative. Certainly, Brits will always find ways to supplement their incomes when need be.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that recycling for cash has become such big business in the UK over the last few years. For example, online mobile phone recycling companies like Mazuma Mobile have been a great success story as they have enabled people to earn extra cash from simply being able to sell Nokia mobile phones, Apple iPhones and various other units on to them to be recycled.

This simple strategy has provided thousands of Brits with extra cash, helped the environment and supplied people in developing countries with effective communication solutions.

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