Where To Get Cash Advance In Malaysia

Unfortunate situations are prone to happen and once they knock our doors, we will be forced to lookout for financial assistance everywhere within our reach. Our relatives and friends are the people we think of first once financial constraints hit us. The problem the people we trust is that they disappoint at us when mostly we need them. Payday loan providers aren’t always friends to our finances since they provide extremely high-interest rates. Banks like OCBC have taken advantage of the situation and are now offering cash advance to customers. You can get cash advance Malaysia by visiting The benefits of securing OCBC’s cash advance are outstanding.

Lower Interest Rates and Longer Repayment Period

The cash advance provided by OCBC is not just cash advance. It’s the perfect definition of quick access to finances once the need arises. Going at low-interest rates of 7.99% per annum, these loans will change your situation for good. Quite interestingly, our cash advance loans don’t come with weeks or months repayment periods. You have the chance to repay your loan within 12, 24 or even 36 months depending on your personal preferences. It’s up to you to choose the most suitable repayment plan.

Convenient Loans

The cash advance loans offered by OCBC loans are highly convenient. You can do the application in a matter of hours and get a response on the status of your loan in less than 5 days. This simply means our loans are the perfect cash advance solutions for those faced by financial constraints that cannot wait until end month. And considering the long repayment period, you can have peace of mind that you aren’t entering into any financial agreement that could affect your budgets later.

Fewer Requirements

We love and care for our clients so we have made our loans as easy to access as possible. The requirements for accessing our cash advance loans are quite possible. One of the requirements for accessing our loans is to be an OCBC credit card principle card holder. Another of the key requirements is a call-for-cash payment of RM1, 000 that is used as an application fee. Also to qualify for the requested amount, your credit card line must have sufficient financial flow to cover the Call-for-Cash payment for the entire application process. You should as well be of age and have a good source of income.

We all know the confusion and mental problems that come with financial constraints. When we find ourselves in situations that require quick access to cash, we will have no choice than to beg our friends, relatives, and payday loan providers for assistance. Since not all the times such people will be ready to help, it’s always best we make banks that offer cash advance loans to our friends. As long as we have met the set evaluation criteria, the right bank will never disappoint us. One of the best banks in Malaysia that has proven to be reliable and trustworthy is OCBC bank. To know more about OCBC cash advance loans, have a look at their products here.

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