How Curtis Luckett III Rationalizes The Necessity Of Structure And Design In Businesses?

Business coaching is right now the craze of the biz town, and more and more young professionals are aspiring to be a reputed business coach in the industry. And why do people are so enthusiastic about being a business coach in their career? The simple reason is the life that they see other business coaches lead. Just like players eat, drink, live their games, these business owners even do the same. Right from the first thought after they wake up, to the last idea that comes in their mind before closing their eyes, everything concerns their business growth.


It is these men who actually turn out to be the successful business coach in the later life as this gives them the opportunity to stay among the business executives who keep sharing their thoughts and innovation in the business circle and let the world gather as much they can. Curtis Luckett III, a very renowned name in the business world has been an active member of all the meetings and gatherings arranged by the biz-bee, and he has noticed that one of the growing concerns that have come up in most of these meetings is how globalization and economic crisis across the globe has forced the existing, as well as new businesses, change the entire structure of operations and strategies to execute.

Going by the conventional picture of doing businesses, one can find how owners had always the big picture in their mind. It was the long term perspectives that have always been in their mind. But from the recent years, the attitude and style of doing businesses have already changed, and nowadays the companies are more concerned about switching their focus randomly from market to products to competitors. There’s no scope for them to miss either of the three under any circumstances because one single mistake might wreak havoc on their business processes.

So one thing that must be kept in mind for all the business owners is, as the ways of operations are changing on a daily basis, even the structures, roles, and functions should be duly aligned. The conventional ways of doing business have always maintained a hierarchy in distributing the roles out to the employees, and this particular practice couldn’t be completely done away with. Even though the methods have changed, this has been drilled into the human blood, as a result of it; adopting new structures have turned out to be difficult for most of the businesses.

While dealing with several clients, Curtis Luckett III has found complaints where the clients find it tough to deal with the outdated structures which prove to be dysfunctional standing in the 21st century. He believes that such businesses have completely overlooked the structure and design that is being followed, or have not received enough coaching to adopt the changes in the market.

The faster these changes can be brought; the better it gets for the businesses to operate because the lack of change can definitely rule the business out from the competition in no time.

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