Taxation & Accounting: Courses And Job Prospects

Taxation is a demanding and exciting area of accounting which has much scope and tremendous future. Expertise in taxation can open many doors of careers ranging from tax consultant to tax manager.

Taxation is the process by which government collects money from its citizens in order to carry out public works like constructing roads and bridges. There are two kinds of taxes- indirect and direct.Direct taxis paid to the government directly by the tax payer,e.g. income tax, corporate tax, etc. Indirect taxes are paid to the government by an intermediary, for example sales tax, service tax, etc.

There are plenty of courses available in the field of taxation. Courses are offered from diploma to masters’ level. Some of them are as follows:

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in auditing and accounting
  • PG diploma in accounting
  • Diploma in tax and company law.
  • Diploma in taxation
  • Advance diploma in taxation and financial accounting
  • PG program in tax management

Job Prospects

A taxation course will help you explore amazing career opportunities in the accounting domain. You can find a job on basis of your education and experience level.

Fresh candidates who have just completed education can explore jobs in government and private sector. Professionals can find positions like tax recruiter, tax policy analyst, tax examiner, tax advisor, revenue agents, tax collectors and tax accountants.

Some of the defined roles after taxation course are:

  • Personal finance consultant
  • Tax policy Analyst
  • Specialist in employment tax
  • Financial analyst
  • Accountant
  • Tax attorney specialist
  • Marketing manager
  • Business tax consultant
  • Revenue agent

After earning a Bachelor’s degree, earning a postgraduate diploma can help students pursue higher paying jobs or even manage a career change. Post graduate diplomas can be found in several subjects.

What is PG diploma in Taxation?

A diploma in this subject usually explores vital tax structures, public policy and elements of finance. Courses in this program may study business law and other general aspects of business, like auditing, economics, revenue management, corporate finance and even tax law. Apart from business studies, required courses may include advanced statistics and maths.

The subject of taxation needs employees to be logical thinkers and highly mathematical. Students with extra education in taxation can practice these skills. Students in this arena tend to be detail oriented and independentself-starters. These are qualities which are highly sought after by several professionals and employers.

The cost of completing a PG diploma can vary based on the type of school offering the program, duration of the program and other factors. If student has any doubts regarding admission and tuition, he or she can contact the individual schools or research and compare them.

There are numerous careers in taxation and some students may find positions in other closely related fields, like government or business. Possible careers in taxation include: tax advisor, auditor and accountant where the employee can advise clients about financial decisions. A PG diploma can be a great choice for students seeking improved education or a career change.

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