Mutual Funds Are Subject To Market Risks

Like all funds securities, bonds have a risk of at least a cent percentage. And this cannot be predicted always; it purely depends on the present circumstances and past references. So what’s the big deal here? All you need is a perfect setup that can at least estimate your risks and returns on your investments. How is this possible? You need Aladdin Lamp where gene can help you sort out things. Don’t worry you don’t need to go to Arabia or anywhere else. You will need a lumpsum calculator.


The lumpsum calculator enables you to find out the maturity amount of your investment either a lump sum or one time or even after a defined period. The only things you have to enter are the amount of investment, the number of years, expected rates for return to find out the maturity of a sum and the earning on your equity.

Why are Mutual Funds subject to market risks? As we all know that Mutual Funds depend on changes in the interest rates of banks, equity investment, the foreign exchange also the commodity value variation or fluctuations occurred with these or any other causes risk our investment on MF. Mostly this may be default risk, reinvestment risks, etc.

Mutual funds’ investments depend on the stock market, so there’s a risk when an individual forced to sell the stock at low prices which eventually reduces the value of an investment. So the MF will swing high and lows, which results in loss of money.

If you invest in debt securities, like corporate bonds, governments there are a possibility of having rising interest rates. Bond funds, market funds, and balanced funds are hugely impacted under this risk factor. If inflation increases, it reduces the value of long-term investments and pays back return in low. Another risk that can impact on your Mutual Funds investment is sociopolitical risks, such as terror, political elections, country’s revolutions, and political disturbances also affect even ends of foreign countries implies too. Some types of investments are responsive to multiple types of market risk.

The key aspect of performance of MF also depends on the role of fund manager and the capability that fund manager has along with his team.  Remember Market risks do exist in all investments, but the underlining point is fund manager decreases these risks without significantly affecting the performance of the scheme of a fund. They have to make wise decisions on selecting stocks, diversifying scheme, balancing the risk and should aim for returns.

Another point for Mutual funds risk is because of high competition, almost 300 schemes of equity are offered in India, and barely more than 500 best companies are listed in the stock market. Mutual fund schemes, particularly equity schemes are operating in a cut-throat world as improperly planned and wrong aimed schemes are not taking proper take off. Though there are fewer market risks in these funds, however for investors it worked as a nightmare.


Market risks are nothing but the causing individual investments in loss due to an economy or the market changes regardless the performance or profitability of the issuing entity. It can be reduced by calculating the risks and the finding out the maturity amount and shares with the help of a lumpsum calculator.

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