How To Attract Angel Investors To Your Business

Whether you’re looking to start your first business or need additional funding to take your start up to the next level, Angel Investors are something every entrepreneur dreams of: serial investors who like what they see and can provide a big injection of funds without dealing with the conservative lending of traditional banks, or the ‘all or nothing’ structure of crowdfunding.


Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

Angel Investment is far more about being in the right place at the right time than traditional funding. If you’re networking effectively, you don’t when you might find yourself in the presence of the person with the resources to move your business to the next level. Being ready to present yourself in the best possibly light, while remaining genuine and human is your most valuable skill.

Don’t leave this to chance. Work out what makes your business unique and valuable, and practice discussing in front of a mirror. Watch your own reactions so you can perfect how you present yourself.

Focus on Results

Ideas on their own are not valuable. J K Rowling would not be with worth a billion dollars if she hadn’t turned her idea for a story into a book and then persevered into a publisher picked it up. You need to be able to demonstrate that you, and your team is able to execute those ideas in the real world, so when you’re talking with a potential investor, use proof to demonstrate they can trust you. If you’ve run trials or created a prototype, show this off; If you’ve assembled a team with a pedigree in the field, lean into your collective qualifications and achievements. Any way you can show you’re the right person to make a successof your idea in a measureable, concrete form is worth ten the amount of ‘passion’ and inspiration that may have started you on this path.

Seek Expert Advice

Running any offers past a lawyer or business solicitor is an essential step. They might be called Angel Investors, but they aren’t necessarily angels, and they have their own interests at heart, rather than yours or your business’.

A lawyer can review any offer you’ve been made and advise of any obligations it places you under that may not have been apparent on the surface. They can even step in to negotiate and help get the best deal.

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