Budgeting Tips for Low Income Survival

If you’re on a low income you will find it much easier to cope if you work to a set budget. This will require organisational skills and a commitment to stick to your limits. There are a few positive steps you can take to make life more bearable when you’re on a low income, use the tips below to make things easier for you.

Call the income support contact number to learn about benefits

Know Your Income and Outgoings

The first place to start is to create an accurate budget that includes all of your income and every single outgoing. This will provide you with a clear picture of where you stand financially. You can also use a budget to spot areas where you can make cutbacks. You might not like the idea of cutting back but it may be necessary if your outgoings equal more than what you have coming in.  The budget will tell you if you’re currently living within your means and you may spot a big gap between what you have to spend and what needs to be spent, but don’t worry. It’s better to know as you’ll be able to find solutions.

Find Ways to Cut Your Costs

Once you have your budget the next step will be to cut your costs, which is worth doing even if you are living within your means currently.  The first place to cut costs is on things that are not essential such as satellite television, magazine subscriptions or clubs. Another area where many individuals and families can cut costs is in the weekly shop.

You will need to shop smarter.  A great tip for reducing shopping costs is to begin planning your meals for the week. Avoid processed and junk foods as they may seem cheaper but they are in fact a lot more expensive. Buying in bulk can save you money and so can shopping around for deals and heading to the shops when they mark down the foods that have come close to the best before date.

Cut Costs on Your Energy Bills

Energy bills can eat up your income especially during the colder months. Check your current tariff and shop around to see if you can save money by switching providers. You can also look at ways of reducing the amount you spend by improving the energy efficiency of your home. This doesn’t have to cost you a fortune:

  • Weather stripping costs only a few pounds and can stop draughts coming in through gaps around the windows and doors.
  • Swap your curtains around ensuring the thicker ones are in front of the windows and doors where you spend the most time. Alternatively ask friends and family for curtains or check the charity shops. Look for lined curtains that will stop heat escaping more efficiently.
  • Wear more layers and encourage the children to get active to fight off the cold.
  • Concentrate on heating one room in the home where the family spends most the time.

Claim Benefits You’re Entitled to

As you’re on a low income you may be able to claim for additional benefits such as council tax benefit, housing benefit and income support. Call the Income support contact number to learn more and increase the money you have coming in.

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