Are You Looking For More Flex In Your Work Life?

Are you interesting in learning about options opportunities that are realistic and rewarding?

Nation’s Premier Healthcare Discount Savings Program Company offers the perfect work from home opportunity with benefits: flexible hours, extra income and the enviable dress code of pajamas.


We require you to market your incredible health savings plans to potential new members. Thousands of AmeriPlan IBO’s (Independent Business Owners) are building successful businesses by sharing and caring. How do they do it? More importantly, how can you do it?

It’s simple. Recruits are going to receive full training through the internet, daily conference calls, telephone and daily webinars. No experience is required to apply for the position; with access to the telephone and internet, you can start building your own business today.

In fact, there’s never been a better time for you to jump on board, and make anywhere from $500-$1000 potentially. AmeriPlan IBO’s make money by sharing the availability of quality discounted supplemental and primary health care with the millions of Americans who are under-insured or uninsured.

AmeriPlan has pioneered the industry in 1992 with its dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic discount plan called AmeriPlan Dental Plus. It has saved 1.5 million members who than a billion dollars. The plan currently has over 100,000 participating providers and cost less $20 a month per household.

AmeriPlan Dental Plus isn’t insurance, it’s an alternative. And as member of the NADP (National Association of Dental Plans), the NAHU (National Association of Health Underwriters) and the CHA (Consumer Health Alliance), AmeriPlan is the biggest and the best. Our members agree this is the best deal on the market. They save money, and they keep the plan, year after year.

That’s why so many people are making money sharing the plan; it’s not just a one-time commission, but a lifetime of residual income. This is an incredible carrier opportunity for self-starters. Feel free to call and listen to our company’s recorded message at 760-569-1331 or at 760-596-1296. If interested, you can also contact me by email – – or by phone – 856-879-8761 – for more details.

Also, AmeriPlan has a new special for members through the month of April. We are offering our Total Platinum package, which originally costs $75.00 per month for only $15.00 per month for the first three months, then only $30.00 per month for the 2nd three months and $45.00 per month for the 3rd three months and only $60.00 per month for the 4th three months. This covers your entire 1st year, and then the price goes to only $75.00 per month for the year. This special only runs through April, so early birds get the most benefit.

Join AmeriPlan today and take advantage of earning income while achieving work-balance life.

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